Olivier: lat. Olea.


Olea's story   begins the day Nadège, the creator of Millie Baudequin, decides to create a nightlight for her then two-year-old daughter: a luminous bush that would be both a sweet presence on bad dream nights, and a joyful and colorful element of the child's room.

She then borrows from her textile sculptures techniques of sheets in linen and cotton sewn, edged and fixed on a steel structure.

Today, Millie Baudequin lights keep the poetry, sweetness and childhood spirit of the very first night light.

Offre de printemps

sur les coloris Pluie de printemps, Retour de Jardin et Dolce Vita 

Both exceptional lighting and beautiful decorative object.

Inspired by plants, Olea consists of re- embroidered cotton and linen foliage , a painted steel structure on a solid oak base.

Its light is soft, sublimating the textile wefts and their delicate colors.

Its unique design and craftsmanship make it an exceptional decorative piece.

As a table lamp or suspension, Olea is made in France, with the help of several workshops chosen for their excellence.

It exists in three heights, as well as in suspension. It is also available in six color ranges.