At Millie Baudequin, we follow our star and our intuition, that of being able to develop a unique universe , with strong decorative and artistic value , relying on artisanal know-how and small businesses.

Our desire is to offer you decorative pieces as beautiful as sustainable, creations that make the "horn" (heart in Latin ) of the word decoration vibrate in your living spaces.


Notre Histoire

broderie main broderie de luneville haute couture savoir faire français decoration creation Millie Baudequin
decoration murale sculpture textile mural piece unique Millie Baudequin

Created in 2016 by Nadège Marneffe, Maison Millie Baudequin is an eco-responsible French brand that designs and manufactures high-end lighting and decorative pieces in France.

It is the result of multiple collaborations that allow our know-how and our decorative universe to shine.

Originally, Nadège patiently made his first lamps, wall pieces, hangings and textile sculptures by hand.
These creations are sold as unique pieces
under her artist name, Millie Baudequin .


Millie : the name of a character from a novel by Anne-Marie Garat, of a little queen grown up in the midst of rout and tracing her path of free and luminous life.

Baudequin : for the name of an ancient silk fabric.


In 2016, she received the Young Talent Prize of the Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Ile de France. Helped by her husband, engineer and creative at heart, the designer created the Millie Baudequin brand. To bring her textile universe to life, she goes to meet several workshops in France and Portugal.

His unique pieces become prototypes that the duo self-publishes, combining artisan skills with those of design.

In September 2020, we are happy to open our first online store and offer a new very successful version of our iconic Olea lamp.

Soon, our catalog will expand with new creations, the adventure has only just begun!


Nadège Marneffe

Founder and artistic director of Millie Baudequin


A visual artist by training, I first looked in the work of color, painting, drawing, how to show the images that inhabit me. I looked for my place in teaching and research through an aggregation of plastic arts and a doctorate in architecture (ENSA Paris Malaquais). So many experiences that have made me without the inner voice of creation, craftsmanship, contact with the material being killed in me.

It took me a long time to hear this appeal of a beloved material, textiles, and yet familiar techniques to shape it.
When my daughter was born, I chose to take on the status of craftsman to become a textile designer, to create with my own hands a universe to share.

As a way of assuming my origins, I turned to the arts and crafts of my hometown, Lunéville (Great East of France), where the so-called "Haute Couture" embroidery or Lunéville embroidery was born. I trained in this technique, then I opened the veils of a resolutely contemporary inspiration.

They led me to design and decoration with a sort of obviousness, the question of space and architecture not having left me.

Today, I try to express a poetic vision of nature through textile know-how, a vision called to shine in decorative pieces, everyday objects.


At the start of the Millie Baudequin adventure, there is textile material, noble and alive when it is from a natural source. Linen, the material of choice, but also organic cotton, hemp or silk.

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Millie Baudequin was born from a passion for textile practices, for ancestral gestures, millennia. The gestures of the link.


It is rooted in these traditional know-how, that the universe of the brand develops, strong of an intuition: by combining the memory of ancient gestures with the present, we can give shape and strength to our contemporary imagination.


Embroidery holds pride of place at Millie Baudequin, because of the personal history of Nadège, the designer. To find out more, it's here .