Millie Baudequin offers you a range of textle accessories to decorate your home.

She designs unique pieces and batch productions which combine different knowledge/experience of practical textiles with a contemporay elegant and colourful feel. Her textle objects are destined for the adornment of our living spaces rather than our bodies.


The creator unfolds in 3 dimensions old movements which come from her original town, Lunneville, the capital of embroidery, which helps her today to design in space.

To expand this plan she uses textiles such as metal and untreated wood.


Millie Baudequin offers a poetic universe  inspired by a world of plant life which is called to resonate with our dalily life of living architecture.


Millie Baudequin is an eco-friendly business, which makes hand-madeproducts locally in her work shop on the Ile de France. The textiles and their threads are chosen for their label Alter-tex or OEKO tex.

The wood is French oak which comes from sustainable forests.


The designs of Millie Baudequin are designed for professional decorators and interior designers. Her creations  will be available very soon in the boutiques.